FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to attend the Florida section IFT Suppliers Night Expo?

It's FREE to attend the expo. You simply need to register online and claim your badge upon check-in the day of the expo. **It's always best to register in advance to avoid long lines on the day of the Expo, so register now!

Does it cost to exhibit at the Florida section IFT Suppliers Night Expo?

Yes, there is a cost of $599 per table to exhibit. This fee includes rental of your table, two chairs, a trash can and a printed sign with your company name. Our IFT Suppliers Night Expo has some of the best foot traffic of any event in the country! Our intention is for you to meet lots of great people and generate leads for your business!

I already registered for the expo. How do I get my badge?

Exhibitors and attendees will retrieve their badges the day of the expo at the registration desk. We have a very organized team that makes our check-in process quick and painless, and exhibitors can check in anytime between 9:00am and 12:00noon.

I registered as an exhibitor. Where do I ship my materials?

For this Venue, you will need to contract your shipping services directly with GEMS.

The contact information for FL IFT is:


Attn: Rose Testerman

9468 American Eagle Way #100

Orlando, FL 32837

407-438-5002 x 112

407-852-0286 fax


I registered as an exhibitor. What is the size of the table and banner restrictions?

Each exhibitor will receive a 6 x 2 table, and the company banner can either be table top or free standing (please do not exceed 9 feet in height from the ground).

When will I get a list of all registered participants so that I can make pre-expo sales calls?

All exhibitors will receive a list 2 weeks before the Expo. Please make every effort to spread the word and tell people to attend this exciting event!

What does FL IFT do with my contact information? Will my credit card information be saved?

By registering for Suppliers Night, you have given the section authorization to retrieve your contact information and to distribute it to all registered participants of Suppliers Night, via the electronic and hard copies of the event guide.

Florida IFT Section will not sell or distribute your contact information to any outside organization.

Florida IFT Section does not save your credit card information at any time.

I registered as an exhibitor and my table happens to be next to, or across to a competitor. How did this happen? Can I move to another table location?

IFT Florida uses a very advanced registration system which allows each exhibitor to choose their own table location in our interactive floorplan online.

Florida IFT cannot prevent a competitor from choosing a table next to, or across from the table you have chosen for your company. However, in the event of a conflicting location, Florida IFT will do its best to try to re-locate you to a different table, if there is availability. Sorry but we can guarantee re-locations.

Can I get electrical connection for my table?

Yes, you can pre-pay to have electrical connection available on your table. The option is available on the Suppliers Night registration page. You will have access to 5 AMPS only. If you need additional power, you will need to contract directly with Edlan Electrical (onsite).

Can I contract with the event management team to ship the materials for me after the expo?

You will need to contract your shipping services directly with GEMS. The contact information for FL IFT is:


Attn: Rose Testerman 9468 American Eagle Way #100

Orlando, FL 32837

407-438-5002 x 112

407-852-0286 fax


The registration system says it’s sold out. Can I still get a table?

Unfortunately this means that all of the tables have been sold, however if you email flsectionift@outlook.com you will be placed on the waiting list.

Tables available will be given to companies on the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.

The Short Course Seminars are Sold Out - can I still attend?

Most likely there will be room for walk-ins (but we cannot guarantee).

Available seats will be given on a first come – first serve basis, after all registered participants have taken their seats. Keep in mind that the number of people allowed in the room is determined by the fire marshal, not Florida IFT.

How can I register for the Golf Outing?

Simply visit our webpage: IFTFlorida.org/suppliers-night

I cannot attend the Expo for some unforeseen reason, can I get a refund?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may require changes in your travel plans.

All cancellation requests received by November 1st will be considered and refunded with a $50 dollar penalty to cover transaction costs.

After November 1st and until Jan 1st. All cancelations will be subject to a 50% refund. No refunds will be granted after Jan 1st.

FL IFT will gladly refund your table fees in the event of an emergency (family emergency, weather conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, storms causing flight cancellations).

If I send an email to IFT FLORIDA SECTION, any of the board members or the Suppliers Night Chair, does that mean I am already registered to attend the expo?

No, you will need to register online at www.iftflorida.org under suppliers’ night expo.

My company doesn’t support credit card payments. Is there an alternative way to register?

You can contact flsectionift@outlook.com to schedule a time convenient for you to register over the phone. You will then need to mail the payment to IFT FLORIDA SECTION to secure your table.

Could IFT FLORIDA SECTION invoice me for my registration?

You can contact flsectionift@outlook.com to request an invoice. You will then need to send payment to IFT FLORIDA SECTION to secure your table.

Can I reserve a table and how long can IFT FLORIDA SECTION hold it for before it becomes available to the general public?

You can contact flsectionift@outlook.com to request that a table is reserved for your company. A table can be held for up to 72 hours for you. If not booked within this timeframe, it will be released to the public.

What do Attendees get with their FREE Registration?

Attendees will receive a FREE ticket to participate in the door prize raffle -- over $10,000 in awesome door prizes will be given away!

Access to the FREE Short Course Seminars (if registered separately to each short course).

Access to the expo floor during the expo and access to the social hour.

What do Exhibitors get with their Registration?

A 6 x 2 table, two chairs a banner with the company logo and one trash can.

Early access to the expo floor for setup.

Exhibitor raffle tickets (1 per person).

Exhibitors will also be promoted on the event guide, applicable marketing emails and our website.

How do I register for a short course and how much does it cost to attend?

It does not cost to attend a short course. Simply register online. Spaces are limited.

Can I volunteer to help organize the expo in future years?

IFT FLORIDA SECTION always welcomes new volunteers. If you are energetic, positive and enthusiastic about giving back to the industry and our community, contact flsectionift@outlook.com to see where you can help.

Can any student in any University in the state of Florida take part of the scholarship funds available through IFT FLORIDA SECTION?

Yes, any student who meets the selection criteria is welcome to apply to any of the IFT FLORIDA SECTION scholarships. See our page: iftflorida.org/scholarships

How can I make suggestions to IFT FLORIDA SECTION regarding Suppliers Night?

We welcome all suggestions and comments. Simply email flsectionift@outlook.com and we will get back to you promptly.